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Home Wireless Service

Equips customers with a 2-in-1 modem/Wi-Fi router to facilitate easy-to-use and convenient Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your home.

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We also have Home Networking Wireless Service providing other router models for your selection; you may call one of our customer service representatives on 1000 for more information.

  • #The specified features of router models are applicable to  Home Networking Wireless Service plan subscribed by new joined customers after 27th Mar 2018 only.
  • The network specification applies to the router supplied. Actual speed experienced by a customer will be less than the network specifications and wired network specifications and will be affected by many factors including network specifications of your router, network specifications of your service, layout of your apartment, device used, technology, network and software used, network configuration and coverage and international bandwidth, as well as other Wi-Fi interference and extraneous factors.
  • Month-To-Month Rate of your service plans, applicable after expiry of your Commitment Period will be at our prevailing rates. For details, please visit Public Housing / Other housing. The rates are subject to change and HKT’s decision shall be final.
  • If you terminate NETVIGATOR Home Wireless Service, you are required to give at least 30 days’ prior notice by submitting a completed termination request form, available from one of our shops.
  • If a customer terminates the NETVIGATOR broadband service, or the broadband service is terminated by relevant service provider, the NETVIGATOR Home Wireless Service will also be terminated. You will be required to pay us an early termination charge if you terminate the service during the Total Commitment Period.
  • Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Picture is for reference only.
  • *The offers are only applicable to designated NETVIGATOR customers at designated estates.