Freedome Network Safety Software

Freedome protects you online, thanks to features such as Encrypted Wi-Fi.

Protects your online security

Freedome protects you online, thanks to features such as Encrypted Wi-Fi
Connectivity, Anonymous Browsing and Browsing Protection.

Service Overview

The cyberworld is packed with enjoyment and entertainment – but risks to privacy threaten to turn your fun into a nightmare. For example, your online activity could be tracked by advertisers, connections are often threatened by hackers and websites visited could be the source of malicious attacks.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by thinking your anti-virus software alone offers all the protection you need. Such an assumption could expose you to network dangers that anti-virus software is powerless to handle. Reliable network safety software is essential to staying safe online.

NETVIGATOR Freedome Network Safety Software from the highly-respected F-Secure cyber security and privacy company provides a secure online experience, thanks to features such as Encrypted Wi-Fi Connectivity, Anonymous Browsing and Browsing Protection.

We recommend NETVIGATOR Freedome Network Safety Software because our overarching aim is to keep you safe online, whether accessing the Internet via wire or Wi-Fi.

Founded in 1988, F-Secure has attracted a number of AV-Test best protection awards over recent years, generating a high level of confidence among customers.

traceless browsing

Your personal data may leak when data-collection companies monitor your Internet
browsing habits in order to sell information about you to advertisers. The good news is
Freedome’s track-protection tool will mask your IP address and help prevent tracking attempts, so you can browse freely without worrying about online privacy.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Your personal information is at risk when using Wi-Fi because personal information can
be hacked easily. However, Freedome creates an encrypted network connection for
your Internet devices. This will help to ensure your information is safeguarded at home as well as at unsecure public Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • Browsing

    Freedome scans for malicious apps, harmful sites, cookies and other online baddies. With one click, Freedome will help to create your own private network, thereby blocking malware and harmful sites detected. Now you can surf the ‘net’ without worry.

  • Fast Installation

    Set up Freedome in minutes with our easy installation process.

  • Stable & secure connection

    With servers currently in over 20 countries, you can access Freedome anytime and anywhere.

  • Unlimited server switches

    We provide a fast connection and unlimited usage at all times! Our aim is your enjoyment to unrestricted access to any of our servers in over 20 countries.

  • Outstanding customer service

    Obtain immediate help from our experienced support staff.

  • Unblocks websites

    Access most websites or applications without censorship.

  • Easy to use

    Just one click to use and no complicated configurations.

  • Zero log

    We are committed to your privacy and do not log your traffic or data.